Ellison Bartley Donoghue
Nickname Ellis
Species Wyrdling
Age 32
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Profession Police Officer
Affiliation None
Face Claim Cillian Murphy
Player Ludo
 "It's two-hundred up front for the show, four if you want to get weird after."

History Edit

Background Edit

Ellis is the second eldest of four children born in Brooklyn to a set of second-generation Irish immigrants. His mother, Aoife, worked from home as a part-time seamstress and full-time housekeeper, and dad, Liam, was among the ranks of New York's finest, a police lieutenant with the 68th precinct. Grandpa had been a officer before him, and Liam never let his sons forget that brandishing a badge was in the Donoghue men's blood.

As a child, this never much bothered Ellis. Of course he'd grow up to be a cop, after all, what little boy isn't enamored with the idea of being a hero and catching bad guys? Besides, you got to drive a police car, and that had sirens and a radio and sometimes you got to ride with a dog, and guns were super cool, and... and... and then you get older and you realize the things you used to idolize maybe weren't as great as you once thought. At least, that's how it went with Ellis.

His interests shifted as he grew older, and by the time Ellis was nearing the end of his high school career he had decided that college sounded a hell of a lot better than signing up for the police academy, and that the man he had once idolized as a kid was just as human as everyone else, complete with all the faults that entails. His father wasn't a hero, he was a loudmouthed, stubborn hardass who threw his weight around with no regard for who it hit. So when graduation neared and dad informed him that he'd pulled enough strings to guarantee him a spot at the academy that summer, Ellis-- chock full of teenage angst and the anti-authoritative attitude that tends to come with it-- informed him that he had other plans: he had done well enough in school to be considered for Princeton, a fact he was quite proud of, but dad wasn't as impressed.

"What, blue collar work not good enough for you? It was good enough for me, good enough for your brother. You think you're too smart to make an honest living?" And so it went, coupled with all the Catholic guilt the old man could throw at him. Reasoning with the man was futile, and so in the end, Ellis decided to hit the books, heading to New Jersey to attend school after an explosive falling out with his father. He could make it work, he reasoned with himself, he'd get a job and he'd apply for scholarships and he'd be fine! 


Yeah, not so much. He learned very quickly that being the smartest guy in high school didn't mean jack shit at an Ivy League school; everybody was the smartest guy at their high school. Going to school full time and working two jobs just to scrape up enough to put a very small dent in your tuition quickly became more than he could handle; too many sleepless nights followed by stress-filled days took their toll, and Ellis didn't land the grades needed to keep in good academic standing. One failed semester after another passed by until he had to crawl back home with his tail between his legs, in debt and feeling like the world's biggest loser only to be greeted by the smug face of his father and an unspoken "I told you so."

And so the son followed in the father's footsteps, out of options and without the will to fight what fate apparently had always had in store for him. Ellis wasn't exactly the model police officer, making it through the academy's training only by the skin of his teeth and the clout of his father. Still, the money wasn't terrible, all thing considered, and the plan was to stay on the force just long enough to save up enough to go back to school.

It's funny how quickly ten years can fly by.

He never climbed the ranks quite as high as his father had, but in the end, it didn't matter; news broke that Lieutenant Liam Donoghue had been caught taking bribes and tampering with evidence over the span of his career, and the trickle down effect meant that Ellis-- and his brothers who had joined the force-- would likely take some serious heat. It turned out to be worse than he had expected; during the civil case that followed, one of his brothers admitted to being involved with the mess his father had created, the other had known about it but said nothing at the time. Despite his own record being squeaky-clean and going on the record as saying he hadn't known about any shady dealings, Ellis was ousted not only by his fellow officers, but his family as well. Honesty might be the best policy, but in the eyes of his father and brothers, his admittance to doing nothing wrong was akin to betrayal.

The only way to distance himself from the scandal was to also distance himself from where it had all gone down. Finding another station that would hire him was hard, but in the end there were a few precincts that had some interest. If he was going to get out and start over new, Ellis figured he might as well go all out, and so he left the east coast for the west, accepting a position with the Portland Police Bureau. The thing about transferring precincts is, you have to start at the bottom, and Ellis has found himself as little more than a glorified meter maid and parking ticket dispenser. But at he's not living in anyone's shadow or under anyone's iron rule anymore, and in his eyes, that's totally worth it.

Continuing Adventures Edit

To Be Added

Personality Edit

Ellis possesses the stern, hard-boiled demeanor one expects from a seasoned beat cop, steadfast in the never-ending pursuit of justice.

Pssh, yeah, right. Life isn't a pulp novel, but if it was, Ellis would certainly have more in common with the author who penned it versus the noir-savvy leading man you'd find between the pages. He lives a life where his passions have perpetually taken a backseat to his sense of duty, and as a result the years have seen him grow disenchanted and embittered.

It's far easier to blame the world for all your problems, and Ellis is the sort to play the victim more often than not. He holds a myriad of excuses close to his chest as to why his life isn't going the way he'd planned, and he's quick to place a hand to his head and dole one out with a long, belabored sigh at the slightest provocation. A dangerous combination of laziness, apathy, and an uncanny knack for self-sabotage all come together to leave his default setting at 'woe-is-me'.

In some alternate dimension where things magically go his way Ellis would trade in his sidearm and badge for a pen and paper. He has a natural affinity for the written word, perpetually "working on a novel" and oftentimes found with his nose in a book. He likes to fancy himself as well-read and carries himself with the same undue sense of superiority harbored by literary snobs and library card-carrying hipsters. Man, Palahniuk really shines a light on the darkest depths of the American ego, you know?

But it's not all blowhard pretentiousness and depressive angst with Ellis. He has a snide sense of humor about him, sardonic and sarcastic and brandished like a shield lest someone get close enough to see there's actually a big heart and a genuine goofiness hiding somewhere underneath. Loyalty and honesty go a long way with Ellis, and he strives to return the same to those he lets in, though his level of success in that endeavor can sometimes vary.

Appearence Edit

To the average person, Ellis looks pretty normal; brown hair, blue eyes, freckles, complexion like an open container of sour cream, etc. But to anyone who can see past his Glamour, it's a different story. He still looks relatively human-- same height, build, and general features as before his transformation-- but with some added wyrdness. There's two fluffy antenna that sweep back over his hair on the top of his head, and his eyes are slightly rounder and wider than before, the old blue color replaced with an insect-like glossy black that covers the entire eye. Running down the back of his neck, the tops of his shoulders, and top half of his back is fuzzy white fur that has a dusty quality to it when ruffled. His arms and lower back are covered with brown markings that are mistaken for tattoos by those that can only see his Glamour, but in reality are reminiscent of the camouflage designs on a moth's wings. His hands and feet are covered in a pitch black color, looking like they've been dipped in ink and left to dry, and his fingers and toes are pointed and permanently bent, making a strange skittering sound when ran against any given surface. His skin has an overall dryness and texture akin to parchment, with a color to match.

Abilities Edit

  • Conspicuous Consumption - Ellis has to eat paper and ink to survive. Pages from books or anything handwritten will do the job.

Relations Edit

  • Liam Donoghue (father, alive)
  • Aoife Donoghue (mother, alive)
  • Brian Donoghue (brother, alive)
  • Colin Donoghue (brother, alive)
  • Fynn Donoghue (brother, alive)
  • Erin Donoghue (sister, alive)


  • "Did somebody order a stripper?"
  • "Aw too bad, I would have given you a non-exploding butt discount."

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